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A Creepy Coloring Book for Adults

The Cannabis Strain Journal: Terpene Edition

Keep track of your buds!
The Weed Strain Journal includes a terpene dictionary as well as helpful words to describe your "experience" as you work your way through the journal. Track the name of your bud, percentage, and everything else your might want to remember the next time you visit the dispensary.

Every page includes a spot to write down the strain
name, purchase date, five-star rating system, and a unique drawing to color!

*Newly added: THC/THC-A/CBD/CBG entries, date completed, date purchased again and more!*

Learning every plant species can be intimidating but this journal makes the process fun, simplistic, and easy to do. This journal allows you to draw new plants, learn their scientific genus, remember their nickname, write down fun facts about plants, remember watering details, keep track of sunlight requirements, dates you added nutrients, and with the plant pocket journal you can never have a plant die again!

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