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The Pot Head Coloring Book

Enter the land of drips, planted trips, mythical creatures, and magic happenings! Visually intriguing interpretations of animals, aliens, planets, spiritual references, crystals, plants, witches, mermaids, gnomes, flowers, and more! This stoner coloring book is the perfect way to relax so grab some "buds", your favorite colors, and get absorbed in this trippy psychedelic adventure.

•This book has 49 original hand-drawn designs on stoner psychedelic backgrounds with a border around each image.

• Each page is printed single sided and on both black and white pages. There are 100 pages in all. Every page features various hand-drawn images.

Pot Head Adult Coloring books a visual journey into the mind of the artistic young stoner. This book makes a perfect gift for anybody who enjoys plants, art, or taking their mind to a meditative state. The bottom back of each page has a heart and a line where artists are encouraged to write their name or title of their piece.

"A true masterpiece!"

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