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New Styles for Everybody

Keep track of all of your plants with this elegant and simplistic plant pocket log journal! 30 entries to draw your favorite plants; now with an index! Click to view!

Plant Journal Flyer

The Original Plant Journal

Keep track of your plants with this elegant and simplistic plant tracking journal. This journal encourages you to draw your plant, write the scientific name and common name, remember ideal watering and sunlight requirements, track when you last fertilized, and track when you water or any other notes you want to remember about your plants.

The perfect gift for any plant lover or indoor jungle person in your life. This idea came to life in 2022 and was designed out of necessity when I couldn't find anything similar on the market. This journal helps you connect with your greenery, care for your plants, and learn more about your gardening patterns. 


  • Each page is single sided with a space to draw your plant on the right hand corner so as you flip through you can easily find your plants.

  • Plant Journal Key allows anyone to understand your plant's needs. Leave the journal with a friend so they can learn how to water while you're away!

Going on vacation?
Leave your house-sitter with a filled out plant journal so they know just how much to water each of your plants! Designed by someone who keeps tons of plants and developed the same sort of key for my personal journals. Redesigned to be more compact! Hope other plant keepers out there find this as useful as I do!


Wholesale available!

Wanna sell the plant journal in your store or as part of your business? Businesses who plan to purchase more than ten books for resale can get 25% off typical pricing. 

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